Federal Mogul Infomercials

Episode 17-20



These were a series of Infomercials designed and created in order to advertise Federal Mogul’s extensive range of motoring products. As Federal Mogul had a large range, they wanted to re-brand themselves and make the public aware that Champion, Payen, Glyco, Goetze and many more of their products were all affiliated with Federal Mogul and re-unite all the brands under one roof FEDERAL MOGUL.


We used a play writer and designed various episodes of two particular characters, one being the Owner, FRED, of a small garage somewhere in South Africa and the second being the apprentice, MANNY. The concept was how they work with each other and making it clear why they use top brands from Federal Mogul and steer clear of cheap copies. Our target market was the general working public and the taxi industry in South Africa. It changed our way of producing infomercials, making them fun and enjoyable to watch with laughter being the key element.